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A strategic plan that links the community and achieves Financial Success together by utilizing the Cash Flow Concept

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E-Unic Community

Every individual plays a role in the community. Each one of us can divert and expand to a new different community. E-Unic links everyone together and makes everything revolve around us become a part of us.

E-Unic aims to build a huge community where all the daily activities happen in this particular community will benefit each of us. Meaning to say, we’re sharing the resources and altogether, we’re also a Business Network where everyone can offer his/her products and services via this unique platform.

Merchant Network

It is of utmost important that we are able to maintain a good relationship with all the suppliers as well as customers in order to maintain a good business cycle. By introducing Merchant Concept in this platform helps everyone of us to link with all of them via a common payment system - PayWallet & PayCoin.

As long as you have a business offering products and services, you are welcomed to join us here, list your business on our website in order to BOOST your sales.

Community will only get bigger so does your business.

PayWallet & PayCoin

To go along with the future trends and fast-moving Digital World, we introduce the PayWallet & PayCoin as the payment gateway.

PayCoin is saved in PayWallet and it is a digital currency to use for payment to all the E-UNIC Merchants and Business Owners.

PayCoin can be converted from E-PIN and vice versa. It can also be topped up through other member in the community who has extra PayCoin in the Wallet. It is very flexible without any limitations.


By introducing a new registration, the introducer will get bonus of 100 e-PIN as a rewards! There is no limitation in the number of registrations, therefore, everyone can register as many merchants or people as they wish~!

As mentioned earlier, this e-PIN is convertible to PayCoins via platform subjected to charges, that means everyone here can earn their income just by registering a new account!

What is more exciting is, register a new account needs only 300 e-PIN, LIFETIME!

ANYONE can do

Yes, anybody who wishes to transform life can join and be the part of us. We are here to assist everybody to achieve financial success in an E-UNIC way.

The world is changing fast and some of the people may find it difficult to catch up and feel being left behind. This E-Unic Platform is here to help out, as long as you are willing to reach out to us.

It is no longer a world you can be successful alone. We need SYNERGY and STRATEGY to take a big leap forward!

Starter Package

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